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Spectrum FM Tenerife Presents Rib Club Global- Boating Club  Rib Club Global is a members’ based boating club for those who wish for an alternative to renting or buying a boat. Rib Club Global offers you the chance to enjoy boating all year throughout Mallorca, Menorca & Tenerife without the cost, stress and hassle of […]

When you fall for someone’s personality, everything about them becomes beautiful. You are at a time of life when you actually have more to offer in a relationship, as you have reached a point where you have gained life experience and most likely relationship experience. Strolling into your 40s and beyond, your dating and relationship […]

On this day in Music 21st November 1983 21st Nov 1983, Michael Jackson’s 14-minute video for Thriller was premiered in Los Angeles. Directed by John Landis and co-starring former Playboy centerfold Ola Ray. The video (like the song) contains a spoken word performance by horror film veteran Vincent Price. The video was filmed at the […]


John Parr is an English musician, who had two number one hits, best known for his 1985 US number one hit single “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” and in 1984 for his US number one rock single “Naughty Naughty.” Parr has sold 10 million albums worldwide, and has written and performed 12 Hollywood movie […]

Exciting times ahead for SpectrumFM With the confirmation of 2 TOP industry DJ’s  joining the line up from the UK, we are BIGGER and BETTER than ever before – because we know what it takes to be the BEST. Known as DJ Carlos – real name Carl Emms, started his broadcasting career at the tender […]

A NEW AMAZING SERVICE FOR BARS, RESTAURANTS, SHOPS, CORPORATE FUNCTIONS AND BUSINESSES FROM SPECTRUM FM   Now Spectrum FM can provide live entertainment for venues, bars, restaurants, opening ceremonies and corporate functions. A well-known Spectrum DJ could front your event and give it the sparkle and showbiz touch that will make it stand out from […]

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